All of my services are confidential. I work with you by using Google Docs to communicate changes, and I accept payments via PayPal. I have a payment plan in place as well for those who need it.

Copy Editing:

Openings April 1st.

15% off or 100.00 off if paid in 2 installments.


Returning customers will receive a 10% discount.

The tasks in my copy-editing process include reviewing written material for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues before being prepared for proofreading. I may also do a rewrite with written consent to specify any problems with transitions, wordiness, dialect, and to ensure the style of the piece fits with the publication.


15% off or 100 of if paid in 2 installments.


Returning customers will receive a 10% discount.

When the material is nearly a finished product, meaning that I have edited it, and laid out the changes, I will examine it for typographical errors. My job carries out with a photocopy of a completed product, or a proof (hence the term proofreading). I don’t suggest significant changes to the text; instead, I will review for minor text and formatting errors and confirm the material is ready for publication.

Copy Editing/Proofreading:

Available April 1st.

20% off or 300.00 off if paid in 2 installments.


Get both services in a nice bundle. However, returning customers will receive a 10% discount on all services.

Writing Coaching

$40.00hr/ $600.00 for 3 months. Payment options are available.

What is a writing coach? A writing coach is a guide, and in most other endeavors, the best point in a journey to hire a guide is at or near the beginning, although you can benefit from a writing coach’s help to start at any stage of the writing process.

I would ask you about the project, and what your hopes are in accomplishing it, and what’s holding you back.

As your writing coach, I will help you organize your project, determine a schedule, and select a completion date as a goal. We would discuss the stages of the writing project, including an initial outline, preliminary research, a revised outline, more extensive research.

I would help develop a clear and compelling premise or plot, determine a tone, style, and voice based on the intended audience, and produce a coherent, captivating narrative, whether fiction or nonfiction.

Editorial/Manuscript Assessment

Editorial/Manuscript Assessment : $250.00

As an editor, I will read through the entire manuscript and provide thoughtful, in-depth feedback that will develop certain elements such as plot, characterization, structure, consistency and style. The assessment could help identify your book’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you with a revision strategy that improves your story.

Alpha Reader With Editorial Notes

Alpha Reader: $200.00

As an Alpha Reader, I would assist writers by offering a reader’s perspective for a manuscript after an initial draft. The manuscript often has not been through an edit. It’s not uncommon for an Alpha to read before the author edits the first draft.

The main goal would be to provide feedback to the author to help them gauge audience reception, improve and catch last-minute plot/story holes, and catch embarrassing errors that can quickly occur. 

I would look for general issues in the story, and I don’t concentrate on grammar or punctuation or syntax. I would also focus on characterization, missing dialogue, missing description, and general appeal of the work.

Is there a difference between a beta reader and an alpha reader? Yes, there is a difference in the two. A beta reader is someone who reads your manuscript just before the publication stage. It means that it has been edited by the time it reaches the beta reader.