About Me


My relationship with writing started out like many of my clients. I realize the struggles that come with wanting to publish our work. I gave it up to have my children. It crept up on me again a few years ago, as I had an opportunity to work in the classroom. I also mentored a few of my students. I indulged myself into a great writing program, which sharpened my writing skills. I worked my way up to being a teacher’s assistant in a middle school setting. The job entailed working closely with students in need of academic support. 

I left my position to be a Life/Learning coach for my daughter, who has special needs. It allowed me to stay home and go back to doing what I loved the most, writing. For the past year, I’ve studied the ins and outs of Copy editing and Proofreading.

I started a supporting beginner writer’s group back in December, and I am happy to say it’s thriving at almost 8,100 members. I decided it was time to branch myself out and offer it to those who need more than just an editor. I will be a mentor and support system that caters to your needs. When you think no one else believes in you, I’ll be here to give you the tools you need to keep pushing forward.

Thank you for entrusting me with your most prized possession. Let’s get to work and do it as a team.